About Us

Our Story

Our mission is simple – at Holistic Living Store we want to make clean living easy and convenient for you and your family.


About the Owner

After a career in the corporate world at home and overseas, I commenced a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. By the time I completed this qualification it had become apparent that we can make small, yet significant, changes to promote better living in every aspect of our lives.

As a mother I am always seeking to promote healthy alternatives in my family’s household. It became apparent that natural alternatives in the home were not readily available and sometimes not financially accessible. This started my journey to elevate and promote natural products that work in the same way, and just as effective, as those I was currently using in and around the home.

Holistic Living Store is a labour of love and a lifestyle choice. I am passionate about providing access to products I believe should be part of everyday living.


About Holistic Living Store

Holistic Living Store is a family owned business based in Melbourne. We provide a pathway to support you to access toxic free, natural products that work in the same way as products you can buy off the supermarket shelf. We are committed to accessing the latest product that support you family and mine.

We strongly believe good health contributes to quality of life. These days, many conventional household products contain hidden nasties making it increasingly hard to determine which ones are good for you and your family. Holistic Living Store will do this work for you. All products purchase through our store are a natural, organic alternative to mainstream products.


Our product range

Not all natural products are created equal.

After many years of trial and error, all items you see in our store are brands that I personally use and love. Each item is carefully selected, and updated, to ensure you get the best, most effective natural option available.


Our commitment to the community

As a supplier of natural, toxic free products, Holistic Living Store will always consider our social and ecological footprint. We recognise the importance of strengthening our community by supporting local businesses and Australian suppliers.


Our commitment to the environment

Our product range has a major focus on sustainable products that aim to reduce waste and help the environment.

We are extremely passionate about reducing waste and recycling. As a small family business we have the capacity to consider how we dispatch each order to have the least impact on the environment. This includes (but not limited to):

  • Reusing packaging we received from our suppliers (eg boxes, satchels and bubble wrap).
  • Sending parcels in 100% biodegradable, compostable satchels. These satchels can simply be stripped of their label and tossed in with food scraps where they will start breaking down. Within 90 days (the usual course of home composting) your satchel will be as good as rich nutrient-dense dirt.
  • When sending larger orders we use compostable packing peanuts. Simply run water over the peanuts and watch them dissolve. If you'd prefer, you can use these pellets in your backyard composting system.